February 06, 2011

Can I Just Make It Through?

Will summer bring the feeling back to our toes? Until it does, can I just make it through?
- Sherwood

I have heard that winter's cold will give way to summer's warmth...
- The Classic Crime

When I lived in Provo I walked or biked everywhere. Whenever it was snowing people tried to offer me rides to wherever I was going, but I avoided them whenever possible. No thanks, I don't want to be sitting in your death trap of snowy doom. I'd rather walk.

Then I could enjoy the beautiful snow around me and feel Jack Frost nip at my nose. I loved winter, we had a bond.

Now I live in Vermont, where sometimes it is -23 degrees (Fahrenheit) when I leave for school in the morning, and the sun being out does not mean it's going to be warm, and the sun is rarely out. So I do a lot of the thing that I think is a horrible idea: drive in the snow.

It has made this winter seem ENDLESS. All I want to do is go back to Phoenix.

So until May gets here, and a return to Phoenix is realized, I have this. My summer sun songs. These are songs that warm up my insides and evoke images of summer for me. Warm grass, evening walks, outdoor picnics and movies, bike rides, watching Gilmore Girls, lying on a beach, smelling plumerias... So enjoy, may we all get through this winter together!

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